PRODUCT Our best pride is to carry out all consistently.

Down Comforter Munufacturing Factory

The completion of Down Comforter needs the due processes of an import of down, weaving, sewing, sorting down and final checks. So it is our best pride that we do consistently all these things.

In the head office, our main Down Comforter manufacturing factory, we positively introduce the various new machinery such as a large-sized throwing machine controlled by computer, and aim at the increase of a production rate.
And in the down checking room, our veteran checking men carry out various tests, and check closely. We unit the through quality control, the last equipment, and the skilled technique like this, and produce the thorough reliable goods.

In 2003 we acquired the certification number ISO9001, quality management system by the International Basic Organization, in all the departments. We introduced a washing down system in 2005, and the largest sorting down machine in Japan in 2006.

A large down refresh system (washing, reform) is facilities to the future which consider the useful use of resources and the environmental problems. We use lots of natural water including thaws water from Mt.Fuji (3776m) in washing down and refreshing down.

Our manufacturing things start from selecting materials.

For example, we use “Down” as the stuffing of main Down Comforters in our goods.
We make contracts with the suppliers to finish stably high-quality down for long terms.
They are the farms in Hungary and in Poland that have long history about the breading and the production of down and the qualities are estimated in the world. And to import only the truly good down, we visit periodically the contracted and the suppliers, and make sure of the condition of breeding and the quality through our eyes and experiences.

However beautiful the bed linens are, if the basic functions such as an absorbing sweat, keeping warmth and so on are bed, we can not acquire a comfortable sleeping.
And however refined the appearance of textile is, if the materials are bad, the consumers will not be satisfied with a feeling and a touch.

We think our mission as a maker to draw the best quality all the more from selected materials.